Perednik Foundation

"Our purpose in life is to create" -Carlos Perednik

About Us

Mission Statement

THE PEREDNIK FOUNDATION was formed in honor of Carlos Perednik. His mission in life and that of this foundation are the same: Life’s purpose is to create; our goal is to help others create by giving everyone access to the tools and education to create whatever they imagine to help move society forward and together.


Although The Perednik Foundation is a new entity, we have generated considerable contributions from our network of over 380 volunteer makers, donating their time and efforts creating PPE, and individual online donors have been very generous with their monetary contributions under PPE for PA.


The Perednik Foundation will continue to work on initiatives to further it's mission.


PPE For PA is on a mission to provide FREE PPE to medical, EMS, first responders, and others through a local community of makers.  To date they've delivered over 35k PPE items to those on the front lines, equating to $390K+ in donations!


Shai Perendik
Founder & President

Shai has spent the last 20+ yrs in IT working on large scale projects.  In his spare time he enjoys his wife and four kids, 3d printing, drones/fpv, and laser crafts. 

Yuritzy Perednik
Founding Member

Yuritzy is a crafter, artist, and all around creative inspiration.  She strives to teach creativtity and exploration with her 4 children and craftwork.

Sandra Ross
Founding Member & Legal Advisor

Sandra has been an attorney for 25+ years focused on Corporate Law and supporting Non-Profit organizations. Sandy is a wife, mother, kayaker, crafter and artist during her off hours.

Christopher Ross
Founding Member & Project Lead

Chris has worked in IT & Engineering Leadership Roles for over 25 years, specializing in Unified Communications and other collaborative technologies. Husband, father, nerd, maker, cook, rotorcraft certified flight instructor, and 3D design-printing help fill Chris' free time.

Contact Us

317 Griffen St Phoenixville PA 19460